In 2016, we launched an initiative to understand how we could better serve our clients. The feedback prompted us to update our logo, means of communication, and organization of our suite of products and services. But what we mostly heard from clients was a genuine appreciation for the level of service we provide.

As you begin the process of choosing an IT infrastructure provider, take a look at what our clients have to say.

Our business depends on vendors we can trust, who do what they say they will do, consistently – every single day.  Our vendor partners are integral to serving our customers.  We won’t entrust that to just any IT infrastructure company – Orion Networks earned it.
Dan Clark, S&S Tire

I could have gotten IT infrastructure equipment from any company, but when I met Orion Networks’ team, they stood out immediately. Their depth of knowledge was evident throughout their discovery process; they invested time to learn about our company, systems, goals, and my plan. They came back with options that surprised me, with far better solutions than we expected. Orion Networks is intent on helping their customers do better. Their implementation, follow up, and on-going service and management has exceeded every expectation. They aren’t superficial business vendors; they’re the company I think of first, and will remain my partners on future strategies.
Todd Kenworthy, NT Supply

Orion Networks is one of the most competent companies I have ever worked with. If a problem arises, I can count on them to resolve it immediately, with expertise. They continually exceed my network infrastructure service expectations.
Brian Diffenderfer, QRS Recycling

Orion Networks is extremely savvy and professional.  At the same time, they evoke a sense of comfort by talking at our level. What a great combination for an IT infrastructure service provider.  One project has grown into multiple ones.  They have met our expectations and we will continue to work with them to provide service and management solutions.
Michael Stark, Carrollton Federal Bank

On every point, Orion Networks has exceeded my expectations. They quickly grasped my business goals and helped me develop a plan with scale and the right budgeting pace for our company. They deliver the ultimate in customer support and professional partnership; that of trust, respect, and service that is always in my best interest.
Troy Haag, American Howa Kentucky

Orion Networks has excellent depth of knowledge of the Cisco phone system I prefer. When I call, it is all about me. That’s exactly the kind of service I expect, and exactly the kind of service they deliver.
Rusty Lickliter, Bachman Auto Group

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