About Us

Orion Networks is a premier and trusted IT infrastructure provider. Here at Orion, we see your IT infrastructure as essential to the success of your company – and our aim is to build a robust IT plan that works for your business. As we serve small to medium size businesses and large enterprises, Orion Networks represents leadership in best-in-class technology, value and trust.

About us is really about you. We are continually striving to deliver a customer experience that puts your needs first.

We always start with understanding your business goals, your current infrastructure and performance issues. Orion Networks’ team solves IT infrastructure business needs beyond solutions for today, strategically bridging scale to stay ahead of the fast-paced emerging technology curve. We are ready to help you leverage technology in a way that makes it an asset and investment – not simply an expense.

Through our unified suite of products and services, technology partners, and our core business principle serve the customer first, Orion Networks has become the business leader’s gold standard for IT infrastructure systems and solutions. With Orion Networks, you have an advanced IT infrastructure partner, ready to support you on any size or type of project.

Are you ready to talk to us about your company’s IT infrastructure and emerging technology needs?

Have you noticed our new logo?

The “O” in Orion and the “N” in Networks creates the icon of ON. The “O” was then turned into the “power on” symbol that is seen on computers and electronics. Our font has a softer read to evoke a friendly and approachable look. This also translates to what our customers say their experience is like when working with Orion Networks. The electric colors of lime green and bright blue support the “ON” theme and the feeling of energy and progress

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